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Coaching is a proven and pivotal partnership in an organization’s legacy of and for success. Weaving coaching throughout an organization – when, where and how it can be of most value – is a smart business strategy more and more companies are calling Carol for.

With training in, and access to numerous accredited executive coaching models, the storycoaching approach is rooted in seven components. The process can commence at any point and may move in forward, backward or side-to-side motion, based on the client’s unique style of sleuthing their stories to recommit to personal truths and demonstrate effective transformation for lasting success. The model works with executives, leaders, managers, teams and individuals, in both union and non-union settings.

Within the seven components, various current innovative tools and techniques are used to mine for information and insight and maximize on commitment and action planning.

Here are the following coaching offerings:


Carol works with executive level clients in large and mid sized organizations, acting as a trusted confidante as they develop their ability with specific topics such as ambiguity in business, accessing and qualifying their intuitive wisdom and building resilient leadership teams.




Carol works with clients presently within leadership and management roles to strengthen their strategic and operational competencies, presence and credibility, helping them to build their own leadership philosophy and brand.




Carol works with groups and teams through a combined team coaching and facilitation approach. This style blends an element of education and training with team and leader coaching techniques for an enhanced in-the-moment experience for a leader and their key team players. This style blends group/team norms, values and behaviours together with operational or strategic planning activities, focusing on tasks as well as relationships.




Carol assists managers and business leaders in both union and non-unionized settings seeking a refreshed approach to rebuilding workplace relationships through a fair and equitable approach. Requiring the participation of the parties involved and their manager, this process sets to re/establish working relationship expectations, behaviours, accountability and measures of success. The individuals’ positions and interests are identified and discussed both as a group and individually. Together difficult conversations are professionally broached and effective solutions are developed for a restored working environment.




Carol works one-on-one with clients through a career inventory mapping process to assist them in taking stock of existing competencies and skills and blending them with their signature style or brand. Resume, cover letter and interview preparation can also be included in the process.




Carol works one-on-one with leader/manager and HR professional clients, guiding them through potentially difficult HR/people decision-making and relationship sabotaging situations, toward creating strategic and sustainable solutions most appropriate to them.



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