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Coaching, Facilitation, Mentoring and Consulting

Carol SachowskiI work with diverse, seasoned, thoughtful professionals who are committed to creating deep and lasting change for themselves or their organizations. They desire a roadmap for their own journey ahead, through known and unknown transition and transformation cultivating approaches that are elegant, resilient and authentic. They are keen to work hard and the money they spend needs to be a smart investment in today and the future.

They come to me seeking:

  • An experienced and certified executive, leadership, team and individual coach with a consultant's ability to focus on professional excellence and personal alignment to purpose or mandate. 
  • A seasoned and certified HR mentor, MasterMIND, circle work facilitator and guest speaker
  • A direct and intuitive guide to sleuthing client truths through the power of values, story and belief in the future
  • A member of a larger, professional community of coaches, consultants and facilitators that choose to work artfully together in a culture of mutual trust, creative collaboration, and play





Coaching is a proven and pivotal partnership in an organization’s legacy of and for success. Coaching services include:

• Executive
• Leadership and management
• Team workplace restoration
• Career and HR mentoring

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Mentoring support to individuals and organizations in the areas of management, human resources, employee relations and personal mastery work.

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Facilitation to organizations, associations, and groups big and small, in the areas of leadership, management, human resources management, coaching, and mentoring.

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HR management consulting services integrating coaching, mentoring and facilitation activities to promote elegant people performance solutions.

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Clients Include:

BC PensionBMWCanadaPostCi FinancialCITCOCity of VictoriaCMCCossetteCSSICSANAITOntarioPC FinancialPhaeteonRogersSaitSimon FraserUniversity of VictoriaTown of View RoyalWorkers's Safety


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