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Our approach of coaching is based on what each client and workplace requires, at each step of an engagement. We know that factors change as milestones are reached; the solutions need to respond and adapt along the way.

Honouring client culture, content and context, we weave different coaching tools and techniques together to create a unique approach for every client experience.

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Our Coaching Offerings

I work with diverse, seasoned, thoughtful professionals who are committed to creating deep and lasting change for themselves or their organizations.

Executive Coaching

Carol provides coaching services and programs to executive-level clients in large and mid-sized organizations, not-for-profits, startups and small businesses. Carol acts as a trusted confidante as clients develop their ability with topics such as ambiguity in business, accessing and qualifying their intuitive wisdom and building resilient leadership teams.


Leadership Coaching

Carol works with clients presently within leadership and management roles to strengthen their strategic and operational competencies, authentic presence and professional credibility, with programs that help them to build their own leadership philosophy and brand.

Team Coaching

Team coaching provides agile or intact teams with a facilitated framework of ecosystems with which to see themselves living and co-creating within as they deliver on common purpose(s). It includes team norms and dynamics, business context and culture, as well as important models required when people come together in shared purpose, accountability and interaction. Coaching with the team leader and their members occurs virtual or in-person.

Workplace Coaching

Carol assists managers and business leaders in both union and non-unionized settings seeking to rebuild healthy workplace relationships through a respectful and compassionate approach. Requiring the participation of the parties involved and their manager, this process sets to re/establish working relationship expectations, behaviours, accountability and measures of success. The individuals’ positions and interests are identified and discussed both as a group and individually. Together difficult conversations are professionally broached and effective solutions are developed for better workplace relations, and a restored working environment.

Career Coaching

Carol offers one-on-one coaching services that go through a career inventory mapping process to assist her clients in taking stock of existing competencies and skills, and blending them with their signature style or brand. Ideal for anyone seeking a career transition or to build a career strategy–resume, cover letter and interview preparation can also be included in the process.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching involves working with individuals seeking to consciously live life from a whole-life perspective – be it health, wealth, relationship to self or others. Connection to place and space and in support of passion or pleasure pursuits are central, with a focus on resilience, work-life balance and emotional health at the core of wellness, and return-to-wellness coaching. Living life well hopefully means we live life well at work, in community with others and promote wellbeing globally.

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