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There are so many benefits to a positive culture in the workplace, including employee retention, improved productivity for the employer and healthy, collaborative workplace environments – virtual or in-person – for the employee.

Culture is a key component of any organization, of any size and at every level. The culture of your workplace impacts how employees experience their work. It consists of the values, behaviours, expectations, and communication style that go along with it.  These become the norms of the organization and ought to be included when interviewing, onboarding and running feedback discussions.

Consider this.

Forbes reports that companies with highly engaged employees can see 21% higher profitability. It all starts with a positive work environment, which can:

  • boost productivity
  • attract higher-calibre employees
  • retain employees for longer than companies that do not prioritize their cultures

Another study showed that the top condition for positive mental health at work is a healthy and sustainable culture. 

Unfortunately, workplace drama impacts engagement, and can lead to a negative culture. According to the book No Ego by business consultant Cy Wakeman, the average worker spends 2.5 hours per day distracted by drama.

What can you do about workplace drama? Here’s some advice on avoiding drama traps at the office. 

Take Personal Responsibility

A positive workplace starts with each individual. That means you can make a difference. 

Some tips to ensure you’re taking responsibility for creating a drama-free environment:

  • Save your venting for outside the workplace. Too many of us get caught complaining about co-workers, which fosters a caustic environment. Focus on the positive, and solving the problem, instead of stirring the pot.
  • Always assume the best from others. Take comments in stride, and openly accept feedback on your work.  
  • Follow the 24-hour rule—whether it comes to responding to an email or face-to-face communication. If something upsets you, take 24 hours before responding. Chances are you’ll look at it differently and respond more cooly than with an immediate comeback.
  • Talk it out when you need to. It’s not healthy to hold in your feelings, so find an appropriate way to work on any negative emotions you may be having.

Develop Accountability Through Coaching And Mentoring

According to the business publication Inc., emotional drama is reduced by building a culture of accountability throughout the organization—which can be achieved with coaching and mentoring programs. A high-performing company uses formal coaching and mentoring programs universally, and not just when a problem needs to be solved. 

Here are the two options.

A mentor provides a relationship with a knowledgeable and experienced person who can guide the personal and professional development of any employee. A coach can help with growth and development, focus on self-awareness, identify strengths and weaknesses, and create meaningful and measurable goals. Either one will have a positive impact on your organization.  

Consider Outside Help

If you think your workplace could use an impartial eye to assess and/or make changes to culture, then an organizational consultant or coach certified to deliver values-based culture assessments may be the answer. We offer guidance on human resources including strategy development, talent management, employee engagement and organizational culture enhancement. We work with your team to enhance individual and collective well-being while optimizing organizational performance.

Another option is a professional external facilitator to moderate conversation  circles or focus groups, who will work with your team by providing a collaborative atmosphere for active listening while staying neutral about organizational politics and relationship dynamics. An external facilitator allows for problem-solving on organizational change with a fresh, objective perspective. Make your workplace comfortable and welcoming with coaching and consulting that can benefit everyone.

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