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Carol's Story

During her 30+ year career, Carol has worked with thousands of diverse, seasoned and thoughtful professionals committed to creating deep and lasting change for themselves and their organizations. They come to Carol in moments of success and struggle alike, seeking to design their own roadmaps for journeys next ahead. Through known and unknown paths, Carol partners with them to cultivate strategic approaches and meaningful opportunities that are elegant, resilient and authentic to their personal, team or organization’s setting.

Starting in organizational human resources and moving into corporate and personal coaching/mentoring, Carol’s clients consist of public, private and not for profit business climates, supporting corporates and creatives alike. Believing deeply in the essential development and wellbeing of self for the ultimate betterment and growth of the collective, Carol champions and challenges each client as they define their unique story and strengthen their voice so that their message of substance can be heard amid the noise.

Carol's Approach

It is called a “defining moment.” It’s that point in the story where time slows or stops altogether, where your breath catches for a spell. What occurs is so important it blanks out all else. In the moments following – if we’re wise enough to take a pause and reflect on what’s just happened – we realize we’ve just found our internal compass to guide us through the uncertainty. It is an incredibly powerful experience, one we can recreate and build upon, if only we listen for it.

When we turn off the drama and turn up the facts of our story and ask questions that perhaps, we never have, we can bring our truth to the forefront. We might be able to look at our current situation through that lens and say, “I can’t believe I’ve been acting like that. I know where it’s coming from now.” or “I don’t want to change and come what may.” Either way, we know where we are coming from and the potential outcome could be.

We need to unearth these stories, to build our own book of knowing. Sharing topics like “Let me first tell you how I was raised”, or “Here’s what I most long for”. A lot of people create stories of a future state: “Here’s where I want to be in a year’s time”. Then we ask, “How is that story relevant? Is it still healthy? Will it still get you what you want? Is it a story that served you in the past but does not serve you now?” Doing so helps us know where we’re coming from and have a better sense of where we’re going and how to get there. It’s our internal spark that ignites and illuminates our journey forward.

Certifications & Affiliations

  • BVC Certified (Integral Cultural Assessment and Integral Leadership Assessment)
  • CHRL (Certified Human Resource Leader through the HRMA)
  • CEC (Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University)
  • Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor/Facilitator (through HeartMath Institute)
  • Certified EQ-i/360 Facilitator (through MHS/Collaborative Growth)
  • CPHR-BC/YK Member (Certified Professional Human Resources – BC and Yukon)
  • HRPA Member (Human Resource Professionals Association)
  • SHRM Member (Society of Human Resource Professionals)
  • ICF – Vancouver Island Chapter Member (International Coach Federation)

Additional Appearances

  • – practitioner – global directory of service providers
  • HeartMath – global directory of coaches, mentors and facilitators
  • Leadership Intelligence – member of this community of coaches and consultants
  • Points-of-You – global directory of practitioners and facilitators (creative tools and training site)
  • Pursuit365 – 2022 edition book entry
  • Verity Club – membership at this women’s club in downtown Toronto
  • DiverseCity Fellows – Assessment Mentor Coach
  • CPHR Mentor Program
  • HRPA Mentor Program

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