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Core Values Workbooks


Discover your authentic self and unlock your full leadership potential with our Core Values Workbook. Developed by Carol, a seasoned business coach, this workbook offers a transformative journey to joy, meaning, and success. Whether you’re an individual, team, or community, you’ll explore core values that empower personal and collective growth. Infused with mindfulness principles, it guides you towards elegant and resilient strategies tailored to your unique context. With Carol’s 30+ years of experience, you’ll define your unique story, strengthen your voice, and emerge as a mindful leader capable of rising above the noise. 

Unlock Your Potential with our Core Values Workbooks

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and leadership excellence? Our Core Values Workbooks provide the guidance you need to tap into your inner motivations unlock online leadership training and design transformative goals. Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or leadership training, a team striving for cohesion, or a community fostering change, our workbooks offer a powerful roadmap for exploration.

Key Features of the core value workbook:

  • Self Workbook: Delve deep into your personal core values and uncover the keys to your joy, meaning, and success.
  • Team Workbook: Strengthen your team’s cohesiveness and effectiveness by identifying shared core values, leading to enhanced collaboration and productivity.
  • Community Workbook: Extend your impact to a larger scale by defining core values that resonate with your community, fostering lasting, positive change.

Why Choose Our Core Values Workbooks?

With Carol’s expertise and guidance, our workbooks provide strategic approaches that are not only elegant and resilient but also authentic to your specific context and support the goal of leadership development training. It’s about self-development, empowerment, and wellbeing, leading to betterment and growth not just for you, but for the collective you serve. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Tailored for Diverse Audiences: Suitable for both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike, our workbooks accommodate various contexts, from public and private sectors to not-for-profit organizations.
  • Mindful Leadership: We integrate the principles of mindfulness and self-awareness into our workbooks, enhancing your leadership abilities and helping you navigate through moments of success and struggle with grace.

Unique Storytelling: Carol champions and challenges each client to define their unique story and strengthen their voice, ensuring your message of substance stands out amid the noise.

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measures of success the client links to the desired outcome


confirming a shift in behavior


taking action to manifest the desired change


degree of action the client achieves toward their desired goal


evaluation and closing of the work around this cycle of change


next cycle of change to leverage success and learning


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