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Seven Minute Meditation


Embark on a transformative journey with our Seven-Minute Meditation, crafted by Paul Teeter, a Canadian Musician with an interest in self development. In just seven minutes, this audio track stirs your unconscious into consciousness, connecting you with the soothing flow of sea and sky, and guiding you toward the manifestation of your unique vision. Whether you seek mindful awakening, a connection to nature, or a companion during thoughtful computer work, this meditation is your pathway to clarity, creativity, and personal growth. Join us on this serene voyage and unlock the potential within your mind.

Audio Track Created By: Paul Teeter

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Our Seven-Minute Meditation

Let your mind take a soothing voyage from the unconscious to consciousness with our seven-minute mindfulness meditation, crafted by Paul Teeter, a Canadian Musician with an interest in self development. Immerse yourself in an acoustic journey through the depths of sea, the expanse of sky, and the depths of sensation, all designed to navigate you towards the manifestation of your vision. Whether you’re seeking mindful meditation, relaxation, or a brief mental reset during your workday, this audio track is your ideal companion.

Key Features of the Seven Minute Meditation:

  • Mindful Awakening: This meditation awakens your unconscious mind, fostering clarity, creativity, and a sense of purpose in just seven minutes.
  • Connection to Nature: Find solace in the harmonious flow of sea and sky, connecting with the serenity of the natural world.
  • Vision Manifestation: Use this meditation to channel your energy and focus towards manifesting your unique vision for personal and professional growth.
  • Workday Companion: A great addition to your daily routine, it’s perfect for enhancing your focus during thoughtful computer work or taking a mindful break.

Why Choose Our Seven-Minute Meditation?

Paul Teeter’s expertise in meditation training and deep experience in guiding individuals toward mindfulness make this audio track an invaluable resource for your personal development. It’s not just a meditation; it’s a tool for enhancing your daily life and work.

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